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janet napolitano? announced today she's leaving to head the university of california system. the department of homeland security has been a vigorous player in the immigration debate. a lot of deportations but also enacting the dream act executive actions. what does her departure mean? >> she's been the salesperson for this bill. she's testified before all sorts of committees that deal with border security. citizenship, visas, everything, i.c.e. , customs protection is under here. this is a very interesting time. on the one hand, republicans, not the biggest fans of her record so far. so in some sense it might give some cover to allow them to maybe get on board on on the other hand we're going to face a nomination for a new department of homeland security and that would -- that could muddle things up more. we'll have to see. >> you mentioned house republicans are not feeling the same pressure that republican party leaders are feeling on a national level regarding hispanic voters. can you explain why that is? >> uh, you look at the house and the average republican house distri
online where we'll talk about edward snowden and rick perry and janet napolitano, among other things. we stream live beginning at :30 eastern time or check out the video all week long. keep up with developments with me at the pbs news hour and we'll see you next week on "washington week" and i want to ish a 100-year happy anniversary to the sisters of sigma pi incorporated. good night. >> corporate funding for "washington week" ask provided by -- -- is provided by -- prudential. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> announcer: the following kqed production was produced in high definition. ♪ ♪ must have soup >> the pancake -- is to die for! >> it was a gut-bomb, but i liked it. >> i actually fantasize in private moments about the food i had. >> i didn't like it. >> you didn't like it? >> dining here makes me feel rich. >> and what about dessert? pecan pie? sweet potato pie?
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2